Hush Iced 2.0 Cooling Sheet And Pillowcase Set (Grey, King)


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Good for

  • Hot sleepers suffering from night sweats 😪
  • Sensitive skin and breakouts
  • Reducing hair frizz and preventing bed-head



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Ready to complement your bed, your body, and your sleep tonight with top-rated sheets for hot sleepers?

Enjoy our softest, coolest Hush Iced fabric in the form of our new bedsheets!

Not to mention these bed sheets are naturally anti-bacterial (as well as heat and sweat-wicking) which means a cleaner, longer-lasting bed sheet set!

No pilling and every wash only make it soft as butter without losing the unique cooling effect.

This set includes:

  • One Fitted sheet
  • One Top Sheet
  • Two Standard Size pillowcases (Twin set comes with 1)
    The pillowcase fits the Hush Pillow perfectly.

Sleep like you never have before and complete your Hush Iced look with this sweat-wicking, high-quality sheets set.

Best Part? These Sheets never slide off the corners of your bed.
We implemented our harnessing system that secures each corner of your bed.

Material: 100% Organic Viscose Bamboo (Yup, these are bamboo sheets)

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