LG 320W 4.1 Ch Sound Bar and Portable Speaker with Built in Battery


The LG SJ7 is an all-in-one sound bar, home theater system and portable speaker that offers high-quality audio and next generation flexbility that transcends its compact, elegant design and represents a new era in consumer-centric flexibility.

The LG SJ7 is a multifunctional sound bar providing the ultimate listening experience. It boasts two compact speakers, a subwoofer and gives users three modes to choose from depending on their needs: sound bar mode, rear mode and portable mode.

In sound bar mode, the SJ7’s two speakers are installed in front of the TV to boost audio output from the TV giving users powerful sound working as a traditional sound bar. In rear mode, users can transform the sound bar into a home theater system by installing the speakers on opposite sides of each other giving the appearance of a stereo speaker system. In portable speaker mode, users can take advantage of the built-in battery of one speaker and connect it to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs transforming it into portable speaker. The other speaker still acts as a sound bar to create an incredible home entertainment experience.

The SJ7 offers powerful sound, providing rich bass and 320W of overall output power through its wireless subwoofer. The speaker also offers convenient connectivity with Optical In/HDMI Out for the TV connection and HDMI In/Bluetooth for the external device connection.

It also features Adaptive Sound Contro, which analyzes incoming content and automatically adjusts the sound mode to creative an immersive and easy user audio experience. To enhance the easy usability, the remote control is also compatible with eight major TV brands, allowing it to operate multiple devices simultaneously.

The SJ7 represents a new era in consumer-centric flexibility. It gives users the option to purchase one device and be able to use it in multiple ways depending on preferences and different occasions. Users will enjoy the ability to choose from different modes giving them the ultimate home cinema experience of their choice. This all-in-one sound bar, home theater system and portable speaker will surpass expectations as an impressive piece of audio hardware with an elegant design that’s perfect for both inside and outside the home.


• Rear Surround : Yes
• Built-in Battery : Yes
• Bluetooth Streaming : Yes
• Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) : Yes
• Sound Sync Wireless : Yes
• HDMI In/Out : Yes
• Wireless Active Subwoofer : Yes

• Soundbar Mode – Channels : 2.1ch
• Soundbar Mode – Total Output Power : 320W (Secondary Speaker Using AC Power) 140W (Secondary Speaker Using Li-ion Battery)
• Rear Surround Mode – Channels : 4.1ch
• Rear Surround Mode – Total Output Power : 320W (Secondary Speaker Using AC Power) 140W (Secondary Speaker Using Li-ion Battery)
• Portable Mode – Channels : 2.1ch (Primary Speaker) 2.0 (Secondary Speaker)
• Portable Mode – Total Output Power : 160W 30W

• Bluetooth Remote App (Android) : Yes
• Bluetooth Stand-By : Yes
• Auto Music Play (BLE) : Yes
• TV Remote Compatibility : Yes
• Audio Return Channel (ARC) : Yes
• LCD Display Auto Dimming : Yes
• Subwoofer Level Control : Yes
• Wall Mountable : Yes

• Adaptive Sound Control (ASC): Default : Yes
• Standard : Yes
• Bass Blast : Yes
• Cinema :Yes

• LPCM : Yes
• Dolby Digital : Yes
• DTS Digital Surround : Yes

• Wireless Active Subwoofer : Yes
• Bluetooth (ver. 4.0) : Yes
• LG TV Sound Sync (Bluetooth) : Yes
• LG TV Sound Sync (Optical) : Yes
• HDMI 1.4 Out : Yes (1)
• HDMI 1.4 In : Yes (1)
• Optical Input : Yes (1.0)
• USB Host : No (Service Only)

• Front : 60W x 2
• Subwoofer : 200W (wireless)

• Battery Type : Li-ion Battery
• Battery Capacity : 5200mAh
• Battery Charging Time : 3hr 40min
• Battery Life : Up to 4 hours of playback

• Soundbar Standby Power Consumption : Less than 0.5W
• Subwoofer Standby Power Consumption : Less than 0.5W

• Remote Control : Yes
• Batteries : Yes (AAA)
• Optical Cable : Yes
• Vertical Table Stand : Yes

Additional information

Weight 21.83 lbs
Dimensions 8.78 x 17.95 x 19.33 in

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