Escali Extra Large Grill Thermometer, Steak Thermometer Set, Touch-Screen Timer Thermometer Set

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Don’t forget your Escali Extra Large grill thermometer when you grab your grilling tools to give you the actual surface temperature of your grilling surface.
Make your family and guests the perfect steak every time by using the Escali easy read steak thermometer. This comes in a set of 4 with different color dials to ensure you cook to the individuals preferred doneness. The Escali touch screen thermometer and timer has preset cooking temperatures for your beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, ham and fish. The simple touch screen technology and trend right colors makes cooking fun and insures that the potential for food-borne illness is eliminated. Set and monitor your cooking temperatures by inserting the probe into your food in the oven/grill and close the oven/grill until the desired temperature is achieved.


Touch Sensitive Controls
• The touch sensitive controls built into the back-light display are easy to read under any lighting condition and wipe clean with ease.

Preset Target Cooking Temperatures
• Temperature alerts for varying levels of doneness are stored in the thermometer for beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, ham and fish.

Custom Temperature Alert
• Set a custom temperature alert and the thermometer will notify you when your food is done cooking.

Oven Safe Probe
• The stainless steel probe and cord are specially designed to withstand the high temperatures found in an oven or grill and may be left in food while it cooks.

Timer Mode
• Count up or down to a maximum of 99 minutes : 59 seconds, and recall previous countdown timers with the press of a button.

Easy to Read Back-light Display
• The display is easy to read under any lighting condition and turns off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity to save battery.

Display Stand or Magnet
• Use the magnetic back to hang the display on a nearby oven door, or place it on a countertop using the built-in kickstand.

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